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Southend Foodbank

Please see below for a letter from Helen with thanks for your continuing support of the foodbank during these difficult times:

Dear Friends

On behalf of the admin team at Southend Foodbank:

Huge thanks again to everyone who continues to support Southend Foodbank through donations or in other ways.

Special mention to Margaret for organising a community collection of donations over the past two months, while we have been unable to make our donations in the usual way from Holy Trinity. Margret has cheerfully and very sucessfully marshalled her neighbours, friends and other residents, all of whom have been generous and supportive, helping the Foodbank to do what it does best. Thank you to everyone at Fairways who has become involved. Your care and donations are appreciated and valued by Foodbank staff, and represent a lifeline for the families they support.

The Foodbank continues to support vulnerable families in crisis in our parish and wider borough, and volunteers are working hard to meet demand and provide nutritious, balanced, varied food parcels (including some treats and non-food essentials) to those who are struggling at such a stressful time for us all. Please continue to support if you can. Most supermarkets have a collection point in store to donated items, or you can make direct contact on 07456 426203 or email at: – though be aware that opening hours and admin support are both subject to reduced/changeable times at the moment.

Best wishes and thanks as always

Helen Kidgell

01702 475190

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