Christmas at Holy Trinty

You are warmly invited to come and celebrate the both of our Saviour at Holy Trinity this Christmas. Details of all our services are below - come, let us adore him!

History of Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is one of the most ancient and significant buildings in Southend with a rich and varied history. For over 1,000 years it has stood as a symbol of God's love to the people of Southchurch and Southend. Recently we have produced a number of resources to help engage with the history of the parish and the building. These are all available at the back of church or on our history page, and are free to download. Please do go and have a look at them. If you've never been to Holy Trinity before then come when the church is open, typically Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

Daily Prayer at Holy Trinity

Regularly throughout the year, Holy Trinity is host to a number of visits from local groups and schools. Last month a number of groups from a local primary school came. We spoke about how old the building was; some of the main things that can be found in the church such as pews, candles, the font, altar etc; the meaning of all the different liturgical colours (and they loved it when I dressed a few of them up as a vicar!) and so on. However, I then asked them what they thought a church was for. Despite spending a lot of time with them talking about all the ‘externals’ of a church, each group responded that a church was for “praying to God.” In a society where religious belief and practice ar

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