March Letter in 'Trinitas'

Please read below for the March 2020 letter, written by Fr Reid Humble, in our monthly parish magazine, Trinitas.

Dear Friends,

It is very easy to be swept away into the busyness of our world, failing to take time to reflect and consider what we are doing or where we are going. We act out of habit, muscle memory, or the influence of our culture. For some, this is a source of excitement and adventure, but for others, it is a source of struggle. However, for all of us, as we journey through this season of Lent together, we go out of our way to disrupt some of the habits we have developed in the busyness of life. These intentional disruptions serve to focus our lives and orient them toward God throughout this journey.

Many of us may do this with a focus on some of the characteristic notes of Lent – self-examination, penitence, self-denial, study, preparation for Easter, and almsgiving. The Stations of the Cross are one practice of prayer often used at this time. It was made popular in the West by the Franciscans after they were granted custody of the Christians sites in the Holy Land. These are sometimes called “Walking the Way of the Cross” because they take us on the journey of Christ’s crucifixion through a series of images, prayers, and reflection. Walking the way of the cross is how, as Christians, we learn the nature of God’s wisdom. It is how we learn what to consider as valuable, how we learn what to consider is a gift, and how we learn what to consider is success. They lay before us the depth of God’s love for us, and in so doing, often reveal to us our true selves.

Walking in the way of the cross is never done in isolation, and we hope that you may be able to join us at Holy Trinity as we journey together seeking God’s wisdom for our lives in this world. We have a rich variety of ways to join in this year. In addition to our regular Sunday service, there is Morning and Evening Prayer during the week, Ash Wednesday, a healing service, a study group and compline on Wednesday evenings, and Lent lunches on Wednesday afternoons. I am looking forward to sharing what I find to be one of the richest seasons in the church’s calendar with you.

If you are unsure how you might keep this season of Lent, I am always happy to meet and explore the best option for you at this time in your own life.

With every blessing,

Fr. Reid

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