November Letter in 'Trinitas'

Please read below for the November 2019 letter, written by Fr Reid Humble, in our monthly parish magazine, Trinitas.

Dear Friends, I continue to be grateful to every one of you for your very warm welcome to Holy Trinity. We are settled in and looking forward to our first winter in Southend. During these early months, I am constantly reminded that we are all “storied people.” By that I mean that all of us are formed by the places we live, the communities we are part of, the friends and family we spend most of our time with, and the many experiences we have throughout life. When these are woven together, they form the story of who we are. Getting to know one’s neighbour and the story that constitutes their life is a never ending enterprise and I continue to look forward to the way in which I will get to know all of you the longer I am a part of this parish. I will always make time to meet with people so please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason whatsoever.

Being “storied,” it is important that we are also people who remember. Remembering the particularities that form who we are aids us in knowing our identity and guiding how we live. Throughout November we have a few opportunities to remember in very important ways as a church.

First, at 6.30pm on 3 November at our Service of Commemoration we will remember people by name that we knew personally but who have passed away. We will reflect on the way that they were important to us and set good examples for us. Then on Sunday 10 November at the end of our Family Eucharist that begins at 9.30am we will hold our parishes Act of Remembrance. We will remember the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts, which have significantly shaped the country we live in. Lastly, on 22 November we celebrate the feast of Christ the King at all three of our services. At these we will remember that Christ as King governs every aspect of our lives, and we will explore how this shapes the way we seek to live as Christians.

I look forward to welcoming you to one, or all, of these wonderful acts of remembrance throughout November.

With every blessing, Fr. Reid.

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