October Letter in 'Trinitas'

Please read below for the October 2019 letter, written by Fr Reid Humble, in our monthly parish magazine, Trinitas.

Dear Friends As I write to you, we are still waiting for my licensing to take place. Mercifully, we are in the final week of waiting, because I am certainly eager to begin serving as your priest. It is unfortunate that this period has not coincided with Advent or Lent, because the disciplines of waiting, watching, and preparing that characterise those seasons have also been key features to the final month leading up to my licensing. I would have had more than a few words to say on the topics! However, I want to move in a different direction for this letter. Hospitality has also been a prevalent part of our life since moving into the rectory. Specifically, in terms of hospitality that we have received. I’m pleased to say that we are unpacked and settling well. It is even beginning to feel like home much sooner than I had anticipated. This is certainly helped by the wonderful hospitality that we have received from the parish since moving. You have made us feel welcome and part of this place even when we are still relative strangers to each other at this point in time. It reminds me of the words of Rowan Williams in his recent book Luminaries: Twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way as he reflects on St. Alban. He writes, “It is helpful always to be reminded that our loyalty as believers is not first and foremost to ‘the Church’ as we see it, but to the body that is in formation, that multitude that no one can number who respond to the call of Jesus Christ, today and tomorrow and the day after. And our lives must be structured around that kind of prayerful hospitality which, today, tomorrow and the day after, resolves to be open to those whom God gives us to be with and to be for” (p.13). I look forward to living out our calling as a parish church to inhabit this prayerful hospitality with you for all of those whom we encounter in this place. With every blessing, Fr Reid Humble

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