Anyone for a spot of gardening?

With the news that our new priest will be joining us in just a few weeks, work has started on clearing up the rectory garden, which had become badly overgrown over the past two years. At the request of our Archdeacon and the Diocese, we are concentrating on tackling the thick brambles and overgrowth along the fences which in places is several metres thick and over 4 metres high. We have managed to get a number of volunteers working, over several sessions and although there is still much to do, it is already looking much better.

Thanks are due to Peter Yates, Jane Payn, Ian Jewell, David Susans, Paul and Mary Schurer, Rob and Judy White, and Les Harrod, and it is hoped we can add several more names to the list of helpers before we finish. If anyone fancies a few hours' exercise, you would be very welcome to join our happy band!.

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