June Letter in 'Trinitas'

Please read below for the June 2019 letter, written by Fr Chris Giles, in our monthly parish magazine, Trinitas.

Dear Friends

As I write, I have just spent my second week and Sunday with you all here at Holy Trinity. Thank you for your warm welcomes, positive comments and conversations. I know these weeks will pass quickly and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest in my serving here. It has been a joy to witness the friendships and support I have seen amongst you.

I have always been strongly drawn to Holy Trinity over the last two and a half years, maybe living in this parish plays some part in that, but mainly it is from covering and having been part of services that I have discovered much love and fondness for this place. With her ancient walls, which could tell so many stories, each stone filled with the prayers of those that have worshipped here before us over so many centuries, this is certainly a sacred and Holy place.

As we know, Jesus himself kept his ministry on the move, seeking hospitality and sharing the love of God with those he preached among and healed. So we will play the next part of Fr Reid's journey and ministry as we wait patiently for him and his wife Charlotte to arrive. I know they will both be blessed in the years they will spend and serve in this parish amongst you all. Let us then keep them both in our prayers as they continue to make plans for their move from Sheffield.

I hope you are each able to enjoy the wonder of God's creation this summer. We are privileged to live in such a wonderful place here in Southend. My wife and I, along with our children like nothing more than being along the seafront, enjoying the simplest thing like a picnic, watching the world go by as children play and their loved ones look on smiling. There are many things we can find to moan about in life, but let us remember to count our blessings and thank God for them. Let us remember, 'For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do' (Ephesians 2:10). Living worthy lives of the Lord and putting this into practice.

Every Blessing

Fr Chris Giles

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