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Church Hall Renovations

The work agreed by the PCC to renovate the rear rooms in the church hall is now well underway and so far, within budget! Phase 1 of the plan is to convert the old dilapidated and very unhygienic kitchen into a meeting room/classroom and the old, equally dilapidated, storeroom into a smaller kitchen more suited to our current needs. The new kitchen is now finished, with new microwave oven, electric hob, and fridge freezer all installed, and with the vast majority of the materials and equipment either salvaged and cleaned /repaired from the old or donated new at no cost. The vast majority of those who have seen it finished and who use it seem delighted with the result, as are the Buildings Committee who did the work. lf anyone wishes to inspect they are very welcome to do so.

The work on renovating the old kitchen is well underway. The smell that pervaded the room has gone and moisture meter readings on the exterior walls suggest that the damp is also going rapidly. The electrical work, installation of thick wall insulation and dry lining of the exterior walls is completed, and a gas fired boiler has been installed although not yet commissioned. The boiler will provide hot water to the kitchen and toilets and heating to the Guildroom, toilets, lobby area, the new classroom and eventually a new office/meeting room planned for the stage. lt is hoped to have the new classroom finished in early August so that work can then start on renovating the Guildroom.

Once both rooms are finished the rental income to the church will substantially increase. The Tuition Pod who rent the Guildroom currently are keen to rent the new classroom as well, and the rent for both rooms together has been agreed by the PCC and accepted by them. This will help offset some of the significant repair and maintenance bills we face with the hall in the near future and then help secure the financial security of our church.

lf anyone wishes to know more about the work and plans, or would like to see it for themselves, please speak to the Churchwardens or one of the Buildings Committee members listed below:

Paul Schurer Peter Yates Peter Parsons

Les Harrod

16 July 2018

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