Father Frank's 25th Anniversary

Father Frank’s 25th Anniversary, Sunday 8th July, saw a very special event celebrated at the Family Eucharist; it was 25 years since our Self-Supporting Priest, Fr Frank Smith was ordained a curate. The exact anniversary was a week or so before, but the celebration was delayed as we had a visiting choir from France join us the week previous.

The celebrations were kept entirely secret from Fr Frank until the day, and he only discovered what was planned when he read the What’s On leaflet at the 8AM service inviting everyone to enjoy a glass of bubbly after the 9.30 service!

To help make the day special, it had been arranged with our Director of Music for two members of our choir to sing ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’ by John Rutter during the service. This had been sung at his ordination and was known to be a particular favourite of Fr Frank. It was performed beautifully and Fr Frank could be seen wiping what appeared to be moist eyes whilst it was sung. We suspect that there might well have been a few others with similarly moist eyes in the congregation as well!

Before the final hymn, Philip Overman, a Churchwarden, said a few words of thanks on behalf of us all to Fr Frank for all that he has done for Holy Trinity Church, particularly during two interregnums, and presented him with a large card signed by the congregation. Following the service all retired to the servery where a number of bottles of bubbly were consumed in celebration. A very happy priest was seen to head home a while afterwards.

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