More visitors from Down Under

Wednesday 15th November saw more visitors from Australia with strong connections to Southchurch and Holy Trinity Church. Judith and Simon Towers, now of Mandurah, Western Australia but originally from Nottingham, were on a visit back to the UK, and came to Southchurch to locate a family grave, and see inside our church. Simon is the grandson of Charles & Emily Wingrave, and the nephew and godson of Barbara Wingrave, an active parishioner for many years before emigrating to Australia where she still lives, aged 91. Simon remembers spending a number of Christmas mornings in Southchurch as a child with his parents who were married here in 1948, and his wider family.

Fortunately our Coffee Morning was in full swing and, with the help of several people present, the grave was located and visited. Thanks to our power problems the week before, the pages in the Memorial Books in the Old Church had not been turned, with the result that the books were still open showing the names of Emily Wingrave and Amy Wingrave. To complete the visit, they were able to meet briefly with people who knew Barbara and were able to relate memories of days gone by.

They are returning to Australia to share our best wishes with Barbara and their family, and have offered their thanks to all they met, saying “Holy Trinity remains an important place in our thoughts”.

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