A Special Visit from Down Under

23rd August saw a very special visit to Holy Trinity Church by Brenda and John Noble from Brisbane, Australia. 55 years and 12 days before, on the 11th August 1962, they had been married in our church, one of four couples to be married that day. Brenda and John were on the last few days of a visit back to the UK, having also been on a cruise to Iceland with a stop in Orkney. They came into the church just as it was being locked up for the night, but were invited in to look around anyway. Once they had explained the circumstances, we managed to find the marriage register they had signed to show them, and several photos were taken just where they would have stood all those years ago.

John and Brenda subsequently provided further details of their initial meeting and beyond (doc).

Looking through our visitors' book, just the current page includes three visitors from Brisbane, Australia, two from New Zealand and two from New York, as well as a couple of locals. At this rate it won't be long before we get a review on TripAdvisor!

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