Daily Prayer at Holy Trinity

Regularly throughout the year, Holy Trinity is host to a number of visits from local groups and schools. Last month a number of groups from a local primary school came. We spoke about how old the building was; some of the main things that can be found in the church such as pews, candles, the font, altar etc; the meaning of all the different liturgical colours (and they loved it when I dressed a few of them up as a vicar!) and so on.

However, I then asked them what they thought a church was for. Despite spending a lot of time with them talking about all the ‘externals’ of a church, each group responded that a church was for “praying to God.” In a society where religious belief and practice are constantly said to be decreasing, and prayers are so often questioned about being non-inclusive, I was both surprised and encouraged that the upcoming generations were in no doubt about what Holy Trinity is for.

Prayer remains an instinctive response of so many people to the world around us and the events that affect our lives. We pray in thanksgiving, to lament and mourn and to ask for God’s help in the lives of our families, friends and loved ones. Sometimes we pray in rich, poetic, formal language; other times our prayers are simple and direct. We pray through the language of hymns or in the silence. It doesn’t matter how we pray - the important thing is that we do pray.

Since Easter, we’ve been opening Holy Trinity every Wednesday to Friday and the response has been fantastic with many people coming in to enjoy a moment of quiet, a time for prayer or simply an opportunity to enjoy our wonderful building (and even then, the building is designed to point people towards God). Now that we’re in a pattern of opening the church, I’d like to start each of those days by saying morning prayer in the church. The local school children recognised that first and foremost Holy Trinity is a place for prayer, and it’s so important to start each day in prayer acknowledging our need for God and lifting up to him the needs of our community. Morning prayer is a wonderful way to do that. It is a simple service of readings from the bible and the opportunity to pray for all those in need. I’m going to be starting this to coincide with the start of Advent, so why not come along as a way of deepening your faith as we prepare to welcome Christ again into our lives this Christmas?

Morning Prayer - Wednesday to Friday - 8:30am - Starting Wednesday 30th November


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