After the referendum

There are so many different moods and emotions around the country at the moment. Some are in shock, others delighted; some in fear, others with questions about what the future will bring.

The result has created much uncertainty and there are many discussions and debates that need to be had over the coming weeks, months and years. We don't really know what the future has in store. However, God remains on the throne and he reigns over all these things. Our response now needs to be one of trust in him - that he is at work despite all of our uncertainty and that he has glorious plans for our nation.

We have all been praying the lead up to the referendum, but we now need to pray even more than ever. We pray for healing and reconciliation; we pray for the nations of the world, both those near and far; we pray for the future and ask for God's blessing.

Eternal God, Light of the nations, in Christ you make all things new: guide our nation in the coming days through the inspiration of your Spirit, that understanding may put an end to discord and all bitterness. Give us grace to rebuild bonds of trust that together we may work for the dignity and flourishing of all; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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