Christianity Explored : Starting this June


Have you ever found yourself struggling to understand a certain aspect of the Christian faith, or found it difficult to answer a friend's questions? St Peter tells us we should "always be willing to give an answer for the hope you have." Christianity Explored is a course that goes back to the beginning and looks at the questions 'who is Jesus' and 'what does it mean to follow him'?

This is a good opportunity for those who: - want to go over the basics of what the Christian faith is all about. - want to have to have the tools and language to simply explain their faith to others. - want to bring an enquiring friend to church to start thinking about the big questions.

The evenings will be informal and relaxed - you can ask anything you want and if you just want to sit and listen, that's fine too. If you've any questions that have been knocking around your head for years then this is a good chance to go back to basics.

The course lasts 7 weeks and will start on Wednesday 3rd June. Come for coffee and cake at 7:30pm and we'll start at 8pm, ending no later than 9:15pm.

Do get in touch if you would like more details.

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