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As we experience the impact of Coronavirus on our lives, it can be difficult to know what to pray, or how to pray. At such times, the Litany gives voice to that which we don't have the words to say, and it has a sustaining power in challenging times. We offer you this short liturgy, which you may just listen to, or you may join in with by downloading the accompanying order of service. This Litany will be prayed privately in church as part of Evening Prayer everyday that public worship is suspended in our churches. We hope that you find this a fruitful resource at this difficult time. 

The LitanyLed by The Rev'd Reid Humble
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Sunday Eucharist

It is an immense sadness and loss that we are unable to gather for the Eucharist each week. During these times, we are invited to make what is called a spiritual communion. An explanation and resources for this can be found here. 

To aid our acts of spiritual communion a video of the Sunday Eucharist will be posted here each week. Each recording or stream will follow the guidance on social distancing and self isolation at the time of recording.

Daily Prayer

In a time when we our lives a restricted to the home it is important that we all seek to maintain some sort of structure within our day. Developing a rhythm of life within these circumstances  can help us all maintain our health and well being. Throughout it's history, the church has maintained a patterns of daily prayer to sustain its life in all manner of different situations. It is much like breathing for the church. Without it we cannot live. 

Fr. Reid will be saying morning prayer at 9.30am and evening prayer at 5pm each day from Monday 9 November. He invites you to join him in prayer at these times in the knowledge that our personal prayers at home are never in private or isolation. Our homepage provides details for you to join us online. Evening Prayer on Zoom is a great opportunity if you have never prayed to daily offices before to learn what it is all about!

To access resources for daily prayer visit the Church of England website

Here are some resources for daily prayer on your own at home during this season: Spiritual Resources for All Saints to Advent. The print nicely as an a5 booklet. You can also collect one from church when we are open for private prayer.


If you are missing the music element of worship the the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) has a hymn of the day. Click here to listen (and scroll down a little).

Chelmsford Cathedral

Our Cathedral church is also producing some wonderful resources to sustain our diocese at this time. Please click here and take a look at what they are up to. Their page includes Lent Lectures, Stations of the Cross, and much more!

We are continuously reviewing this page. Please check back for updates and new resources!